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Introduction of Ultrafast Laser and Precision Metrology Group

Group Overview

Ultrafast laser and precision metrology group (L07) was founded in 2005. With the support from the Institute of physics in Chinese Academy of Sciences, the group has undertaken a number of important project works supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Science and Technology, and Chinese Academy of Sciences. Lots of system work have been carried out in the past time, including the aspect of ultrashort pulse laser generation, amplification, synchronization, frequency expansion and the measurement and control of carrier envelope phase. And a lot of laser system have been developed, such as new type of solid-state lasers, mode-locked fiber lasers, femtosecond optical parametic lasers, high precision synchronous laser, femtosecond laser amplification and optical frequency comb. The "Xtreme Light (XL)" series of intense femtosecond laser system were developed successfully, with the output peak power of 1.16PW and high contrast, which created a world record for the similar research at that time. The advanced device was built for generating and measuring of the attosecond laser, and the extreme ultraviolet (XUV) attosecond pulses laser was obtained with the shortest pulse width of 160 as. This is breakthroug for the realization of attosecond laser pulse in China. The Ti:sapphire optical frequency comb had been developed based on difference frequency generation technique, and the results and devices were realized with the performance on international advanced level. There are 6 achievements have been appraised by the Chinese Academy of Sciences or other organization. Some of the results were further developed as ultra fast laser products with a good performance and advanced parameters, which providing a number of successful usage for domestic and foreign users. The research group has 8 researchers, and has a number of outstanding person from abroad, whom has made a significant impact in the field of breakthrough results before returning to China. So far, more than 30 doctoral students have graduated.
Group Leader: Zhiyi Wei(winners of 2002 National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars)
Members: Bingbing Wang, Hao Teng, Kun Zhao, Guoqing Chang, Zhaohua Wang, Hainian Han, Xinkui He, Shiyang Zhong, Chenxia Yun,Dehua Li


2018: 2nd-Prize of 2018 National Technology Invention Award

2014: Science and technology contribution award of Chinese Academy of Sciences

2013: Progress Award of National Defense Science and Technology

2012: 2nd-Prize of science and technology progress of Military

2011: Hu Gangfu Award of Chinese Society of Physics
* 2nd-Prize of science and technology progress of Military
* China optical important achievement award

2010: China optical outstanding product award

2009: China optical important achievement award
* 3rd-Prize of Beijing Science& Technology Development Award

2008: 3rd-Prize of Beijing Science& Technology Development Award

2007: Outstanding science and Technology Achievement Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences

2006: 2nd-Prize of National Natural Science Award


Appraised results

2014: Generating and measuring device for attosecond laser pulse

2012: High contrast petawatt femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser device

2008: High energy picosecond optical parametric amplifier laser

2006: 350TW table-top femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser device and its application

2004: High precision synchronous femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser

1999: High efficiency and terawatt femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser device

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