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  1. 专利号:ZL201410315131.9, 一种全固态锁模Yb激光器同步泵浦的飞秒光学参量振荡器, 申请日: 2014.07.03, 授权日: 2017.12.15, 发明人: 朱江峰;田文龙;王军利;魏志义, 专利权人:西安电子科技大学
  2. 专利号:ZL201310349408.5, 全固态陶瓷锁模激光器, 申请日: 2013.08.12, 授权日: 2017.10.10, 发明人: 魏志义;林清峰;邹育婉;王庆;王兆华, 专利权人: 中国科学院物理研究所,西安电子科技大学
  3. ZL201410251367.0, Femtosecond mode-locked laser and application of Nd, Y:SrF2 material in laser, Application: 2014.06.06, Authorized: 2017.04.12, Inventor:WEI ZHIYI, WEI LONG, HAN HAINIAN, WANG ZHAOHUA, TIAN WENLONG, LIU JIAXING
  4. ZL201410127045.5, Method for measuring synchronization precision of synchronous pulse laser, Application: 2014.03.31, Authorized: 2017.04.12, Inventor:HAN HAINIAN, YU ZIJIAO, ZHANG LONG, ZHANG JINWEI, HOU LEI, YE PENG, WEI ZHIYI
  5. ZL201410246658.0, Sub hundred femtosecond mode-locked laser device based on Yb:GSO laser crystal, Application: 2014.06.05, Authorized: 2016.10.19, Inventor:WEI ZHIYI, TIAN WENLONG, ZHU JIANGFENG, WANG JUNLI, PENG YINGNAN, WEI LONG
  6. ZL201310571125.5, Low noise fiber laser frequency combs device with controllable carrier envelope phase shift frequency, Application: 2013.11.13, Authorized: 2016.09.14, Inventor:HAN HAINIAN;ZHANG LONG;HOU LEI;YU ZIJIAO;ZHANG JINWEI;WEI ZHIYI
  7. ZL201410213332.8, Laser diode pumping Kerr-lens mode locking Yb:(YLa)2O3 all-solid-state femtosecond laser device, Application: 2014.05.20, Authorized: 2016.08.31, Inventor:WEI ZHIYI, ZHU JIANGFENG, GAO ZIYE, WANG JUNLI, WANG ZHENLIN
  8. ZL201410369976.6, Optimum capacity measurement method for single-line waveguide writing on thulium ion doped sulfur halide compound glass, Application: 2014.07.30, Authorized: 2016.08.17, Inventor:WANG JUNLI, HE BORONG, ZHU JIANGFENG, WEI ZHIYI
  9. ZL201310692913.X, U-shaped structure sapphire fiber grating temperature and stress sensor and manufacturing method thereof, Application: 2013.12.16, Authorized: 2016.08.17, Inventor:WANG JUNLI;HE BORONG;XIE YANG;ZHU JIANGFENG;WEI ZHIYI
  10. ZL201410004852.8, Astronomical optical frequency comb device based on all-solid femtosecond laser, Application: 2014.01.06, Authorized: 2016.05.25, Inventor: WEI ZHIYI;HOU LEI;HAN HAINIAN;ZHANG JINWEI;ZHANG LONG;TIAN WENLONG;
  11. ZL201310374450.2, Optical polarization converter and manufacturing method thereof, Application: 2013.08.23, Authorized: 2015.11.11, Inventor: WANG JUNLI;XIE YANG;ZHU JIANGFENG;WEI ZHIYI;
  12. ZL201310374613.7Sapphire photonic crystal fiber and preparation method thereof, Application: 2013.08.23, Authorized: 2015.08.05, Inventor: WANG JUNLI;JIANG ZHAOJUN;WEI ZHIYI;
  13. ZL201210037173.1, High-contrast femtosecond laser pulse generation device, Application: 2012.02.17, Authorized: 2015.04.22, Inventor: WEI ZHIYI;WANG ZHAOHUA;SHEN ZHONGWEI;LIU CHENG;TENG HAO;HAN HAINIAN;
  14. ZL201210360026.8, Full solid state picosecond laser regenerative amplifier, Application: 2012.09.24, Authorized: 2015.02.04, Inventor: WEI ZHIYI;WANG ZHAOHUA;WANG QING;SHEN ZHONGWEI;FAN ZHONGWEI;MA YUNFENG;
  15. ZL201210359661.4, All-solid-state picosecond laser multipass amplifier, Application: 2012.09.24, Authorized: 2014.11.05, Inventor:WEI ZHIYI;WANG ZHAOHUA;WANG QING;SHEN ZHONGWEI;FAN ZHONGWEI;MA YUNFENG;
  16. ZL201110086112.X, Frequency-beating device for laser frequency measurement, Application: 2011.04.06, Authorized: 2013.01.02, Inventor: ZHANG DAPENG;HAN HAINIAN;LIANG ZHIGUO;YE PENG;WEI ZHIYI;YAN JIAHUA;ZHANG ZHIQUAN;WU TENGFEI;
  17. ZL201110085865.9, Spectrum spreading device for femtosecond laser frequency comb, Application: 2011.04.06, Authorized: 2012.09.26, Inventor: ZHIGUO LIANG;ZHIYI WEI;DAPENG ZHANG;TENGFEI WU;HAINIAN HAN;
  18. ZL200810114576.5, Precise active synchronization unit of different ultrashort pulse lasers, Application: 2008.06.04, Authorized: 2011.01.26, Inventor: ZHIYI WEI;PENG WANG;HUAN ZHAO;QIANG DU;
  19. ZL200810114586.9, Electronic synchronous sequential control system used in femto-second laser amplifying device, Application: 2008.06.06, Authorized: 2010.10.27, Inventor: PENG WANG;ZHIYI WEI;ZHAOHUA WANG;HUAN ZHAO;
  20. ZL200810114410.3, Pulse titanium-doped sapphire laser with high light-beam quality, Application: 2008.06.02, Authorized: 2010.09.29, Inventor: ZHIYI WEI;HUAN ZHAO;HAO TENG;ZHAOHUA WANG;JIANGFENG ZHU;
  21. ZL200810115910.9, Titanium-doped sapphire laser for generating high repetition frequency few-cycle femtosecond pulses, Application: 2008.06.30, Authorized: 2010.09.29, Inventor: ZHIYI WEI;YANYING ZHAO;QING ZHANG;HAINIAN HAN;WEI ZHANG;HAO TENG;
  22. ZL200810222628.0, Generation method and device of intermediate infrared femtosecond laser pulse with self-stabilized carrier phase, Application: 2008.09.19, Authorized: 2011.08.31, Inventor: ZHIYI WEI;HAINIAN HAN;YANYING ZHAO;QING ZHANG;XIAOLI WU;
  23. ZL200310121776.0, High precison femtosecond laser synchronous technology and device, Application: 2003.12.23, Authorized: 2006.11.08, Inventor: WEI ZHIYI;TIAN JINRONG;ZHAO LINGHUI;ZHANG JUN;WANG PENG;HAN HAINIAN;ZHANG JIE;
  24. ZL02100100.6, Thunder carrying-off device by laser, Application: 2002.01.24, Authorized: 2005.01.05, Inventor: ZHANG JIE;YANG HUI;WEI ZHIYI;
  25. ZL01110365.5, Miniaturized femto-second-solid laser oscillator, Application: 2001.04.09, Authorized: 2004.08.04, Inventor: WEI ZHIYI;LU TIEZHENG;TENG HAO;ZHANG JIE;
  26. 专利号:ZL98103526.4,完全无像差的超短激光脉冲展宽方法及其装置,授权日:2004.06.23,发明人:魏志义; 张杰,专利权人:中国科学院物理研究所


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